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How does ThriveTogether work?

Your unique referral link can be shared with friends, family, or your community. Once someone uses your link to take the self-assessment, book their initial telehealth appointment or approve their treatment plan, you will receive points. Click the How to Earn Points button above to find out more.

Who can I share this with?

Millions of people are struggling with low energy, weight gain and missing the vitality they once had due to hormone imbalances. Share your referral link with anyone who could benefit from balanced hormones. There's nothing like helping others feel better, especially the ones you love.

How many patients can I refer?

There's no limit here. We’ll give you 200,000 points or $200 off your next invoice for every patient who completes the process (points earned when referees take the self-assessment, book their ITH, and approve their plan. Click the How to Earn Points button above to find out more.) Go ahead, spread the gift of vitality.